Real Estate Acquisition Criteria

19KV02 Search Requirements, to Satisfy IRS § 1031 Exchange

Exchange Funds

  • Exchange requirement of approximately $4,500,000. Client will consider properties with values between $1,500,000 and $6,000,000.


  • Client expects to close on disposed property in early July, 2019.

Geographical Area

  • Preference for properties within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Client may consider extraordinary opportunities in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

Property Types

  • High-quality locations are of greatest importance.
  • Newer industrial, office and retail; non-subordinated land leases.

Management Considerations

  • Client will consider multi-tenant, gross leased properties as well as single-tenant, NNN leased properties. Client may accept leasing risk.


  • Brokers are protected. John Paxton is a licensed real estate broker, and is being paid by the client. He will not participate in any seller-paid compensation.

General, On-Going Acquisition Parameters


  • $1 million to $25 million


  • Within 100 miles of San Francisco


  • Properties with potential for value-enhancement, that is, problems which can be solved, or potential which has been overlooked by the market.


  • Development opportunities considered.
  • Commercial timberlands (redwood, Douglas fir and yellow pine) anywhere within California.

Extraordinary opportunities expand my horizons

“A Passion for Good Real Estate Decisions”